Who We ARe


ScientICE Logo (V1).png
  1. Always deploy innovation and creativity that push the boundaries of existing systems.

  2. Develop products that are not only better (functioning), but better for the environment as well.

  3. Let science lead the way and entrepreneurship propel us.

  4. Give a percentage of our profits to environmental causes related to our work.

ScientICE is a chemistry laboratory focused on technical and proprietary Coating innovations that will make painted and unpainted surfaces easier to keep clean, free of ice, biofouling and more.  ScientICE believes that big innovation is possible in the chemistry lab.  As such, our mission is to move beyond the standard confines of laboratory work and test methods that are brand new and uncharted. To do this, we’ve teamed together some of the brightest and most seasoned scientists with broad and complimentary disciplines. Our lab team’s primary focus and first mission is to improve the performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness of Coatings for the following applications:  marine, road signs and panels.

ScientICE’s team consists of 4 seasoned scientists -- 3 PhD Biochemists and one pure chemist – each bringing unique and complimentary skill sets to the laboratory.  The team has extensive pharmaceutical, private company, academic and large-laboratory experience. All joined ScientICE because they love the idea of true innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in a laboratory environment, whereby they all have extensive creative and innovation liberties.