Road Signs

The team at ScientICE is working on innovative coatings and paint solutions to more effectively keep road signs free of a number of fouling agents, most importantly, ice and snow.   Legible road signs are critical and help keep drivers safe on the roads, in any season, especially winter. In winter, when visibility is diminished, drivers have an even greater reliance on clear and well-marked road signs to help ensure safe navigation. 

Winter Driving Statistics

  • Over 70% of US roads are in snowy regions.

  • About 70% of the US population lives in snowy regions.

  • 17% of all vehicle crashes happen in winter conditions.

  • 1,836 people die annually due to snowy and icy pavement.

  • There are 156,164 crashes annually due to icy roads.

  • More than 1,300 people are killed in car crashes on snowy or icy roads every year.

  • Over 116,800 people get injured in car accidents on snowy or icy roads every year.

  • Every year, about 76,000 people are injured in traffic accidents during snowfall.

  • About 70% of accidental fatalities that occur during winter happen in cars.

  • 800 Americans die in car crashes annually while driving in winter weather conditions.

Source:, 2019

The Challenge:

We all know that in winter weather, visibility is restricted and road conditions can often be hazardous.  Driving in these conditions require greater focus, speed management and sense of the terrain. And, even in the best circumstances, winter driving is much more dangerous than average.   The data provided below is real – thousands of people get hurt and killed each year due to winter driving. ScientICE is working on a solution that makes road signs more legible more of the time in winter conditions and, in turn, do our part in reducing the number of accidents and mishaps associated with winter driving.   

Sign 2.png
Sign 1.png


Through the use of ScientICE coatings, road signs will more effectively resist snow and ice fouling and remain more legible, more of time.  Signs that are legible more of the time will create safer driving conditions for all. We all win!