Solar Panels

ScientICE’s Focus on High Performance Anti-fouling for Solar Panels

In addition to and in conjunction with our Road Sign and Marine coating innovations, ScientICE is also investigating better coating solutions for Solar Panels.  Solar Panels that are free of ‘fouling’, specifically ice and snow during the winter, are simply more productive. The more productive solar panels can be, the more viable they are as alternatives to fossil fuel burning energy sources.  ScientICE envisions a future where large scale solar farms are viable in environments with the most severe winter conditions. We are hopeful that our coating technologies can increase solar output and financially justify more solar farm deployment in places that are currently underserved by solar.

The Challenge:

Solar panels, contrary to what many may think, work best in colder temperatures – colder temperatures actually improve solar panel output and the glare from snow on the ground can actually intensify solar activity.  This all works well as long as the panels are not covered in snow. When Panels are covered in snow, they obviously don’t work. And, while solar panels are usually angled which allows snow to slide off at time, in colder temperatures, this often does not happen in a timely fashion and, instead, requires manual labor (using rake-like tools) to clean the panels.  In lieu of manual labor, ScientICE believes that smarter coatings can assist in the anti-fouling of Solar Panels, especially in larger scale panel farms where the cost of labor is high.



ScientICE Solution:  By creating innovative coatings that make solar panels more financially viable in all weather conditions, including winter, we hope to increase the large scale deployment of solar farms worldwide.