Marine Paint

ScientICE’s Focus on High Performance Anti-fouling for Ship Hulls

The team at ScientICE is working on innovative and environmentally-friendly coatings and paint solutions to more effectively keep ship hulls free of sea life (algae, mollusks, etc. that are considered ‘fouling’).   Hulls that are free of ‘fouling’ move more efficiently and easily through the water. This efficiency saves millions of dollars in fuel – good for shipping companies and, importantly, the environment.

The Challenge:

Tens of thousands of ships sail millions of nautical miles every day.  All ships have the same mission… get to their destinations as efficiently and quickly as possible.  And while different shipping companies endure different challenges, the one thing they all grapple with is hull fouling.  This fouling (from sea life attaching to the hulls) creates friction, slowing the ship’s normal propulsion and requiring engines to work harder and burn more fuel.  This is a well-known challenge and, as such, paint companies have been producing marine anti-fouling solutions for years.  

ScientICE, however, believes that boundaries of chemistry have not fully been tested for this discipline.  Using chemistry innovation not seen before in this industry, we expect to produce anti-fouling coating that is highly effective and more environmentally friendly than anything else on the market.  



Our coatings will save shipping companies millions in fuel while adhering to the safest environmental standards, meeting or exceeding the requirements of The International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships.