ScientICE is a chemistry laboratory focused on technical and proprietary paint innovations that will make painted and unpainted surfaces easier to keep clean, free of ice, biofouling and more.  Our three main focus areas Road Signs, Solar Panels and Marine Applications.  




 ScientICE is working to make Road Signs easier to see and read more of the time.  When snow, ice, dirt and other fouling is less likely to stick to road signs, everyone wins.

ScientICE is working to make solar panels more productive more of the time by creating coatings that are less likely to be fouled by snow, ice and other foreign matter.  The cleaner to the panels, the more viable and productive the solar panels are.

 ScientICE is working to improve marine (boat / ship hull) paint with cutting edge anti-biofouling chemistry.  The cleaner the hulls of the ships, the less fuel they burn and the faster they move.

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