The Chemistry of Coating


ScientICE is a chemistry laboratory focused on technical and proprietary Coating innovations that will make painted and unpainted surfaces easier to keep clean, free of ice, biofouling and more.  ScientICE believes that big innovation is possible in the chemistry lab.  As such, our mission is to move beyond the standard confines of laboratory work and test methods that are brand new and uncharted. To do this, we’ve teamed together some of the brightest and most seasoned scientists with broad and complimentary disciplines. Our lab team’s primary focus and first mission is to improve the performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness of Coatings for the following applications:  marine, road signs and panels.



 ScientICE is working to make Road Signs easier to see and read more of the time.  When snow, ice, dirt and other fouling is less likely to stick to road signs, everyone wins.



 ScientICE is working to improve marine (boat / ship hull) paint with cutting edge anti-biofouling chemistry.  The cleaner the hulls of the ships, the less fuel they burn and the faster they move.



ScientICE is working to make solar panels more productive more of the time by creating coatings that are less likely to be fouled by snow, ice and other foreign matter.  The cleaner to the panels, the more viable and productive the solar panels are.

Who We Are

ScientICE’s team consists of 4 seasoned scientists -- 3 PhD Biochemists and one pure chemist – each bringing unique and complimentary skill sets to the laboratory.  The team has extensive pharmaceutical, private company, academic and large-laboratory experience. All joined ScientICE because they love the idea of true innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in a laboratory environment, whereby they all have extensive creative and innovation liberties.  


Road Signs

The team at ScientICE is working on innovative coatings and paint solutions to more effectively keep road signs free of a number of fouling agents, most importantly, ice and snow.   Legible road signs are critical and help keep drivers safe on the roads, in any season, especially winter. In winter, when visibility is diminished, drivers have an even greater reliance on clear and well-marked road signs to help ensure safe navigation.


Marine Paint

The team at ScientICE is working on innovative and environmentally-friendly coatings and paint solutions to more effectively keep ship hulls free of sea life (algae, mollusks, etc. that are considered ‘fouling’).   Hulls that are free of ‘fouling’ move more efficiently and easily through the water. This efficiency saves millions of dollars in fuel – good for shipping companies and, importantly, the environment.  


Solar Panels

Solar Panels that are free of ‘fouling’, specifically ice and snow during the winter, are simply more productive. The more productive solar panels can be, the more viable they are as alternatives to fossil fuel burning energy sources.  ScientICE envisions a future where large scale solar farms are viable in environments with the most severe winter conditions. We are hopeful that our coating technologies can increase solar output and financially justify more solar farm deployment in places that are currently underserved by solar.  

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Michael Foster

I’ve been around chemistry, large laboratories and academia for many years and I have never seen the innovation produced by one small laboratory.  ScientICE is creating an amazing legacy for the coating industry and, importantly, the environment.

Co-founder, PhD, Chief Biochemist
Courtney Morgan

 It is my pleasure to part of such a strong team of unique and complimentary scientists focused on innovation for such important applications – that impact all of us.

 PhD, Chief Physical Chemist
Bryan Kujawski
bryan 2_edited.jpg

The team, the productivity, the problems we’re solving and the big impact we can have – this is entrepreneurship at it’s finest.

Investor, Co-founder